CTD Software is built around software engineers. These engineers are highly experienced in web site development, production and design. From small companies to large enterprises, we have the experience and know-how to make your web presence successful. HTML, DHTML, Database Connectivity, .NET, JavaScript, VBScript, Web Services, etc...

CTD Software has been developing applications for over 25 years and has a proven track record of successfully completing challenging software development projects on time and on budget. Currently, we specialize in applications/websites utilizing Microsoft.NET technologies. We have extensive experience with ecommerce applications for online card and check processing.

Industry and experience includes:
  • Healthcare
    • Clearinghouse
    • HIPAA
    • Data Translations
    • EDI X12
    • Rules/Validation Engines
  • Online Card and Check Payments
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Background Reports
  • CRM OnDemand Web Services
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Dynamic PDF, MS Excel/Word
  • ASP.NET & Web Services
  • ASP and PHP
  • Fax Integration
  • School Management
  • Real Estate and Land Sales
  • Security & Data Encryption

To complement our software development, CTD Software can provide you with hosting service to the Internet. Depending on customer needs, hosting servers include shared hosting to dedicated servers. All hosting has backup power and redundant circuits to insure reliable service.

We also offer email/webmail services with the latest spam and antivirus filtering. With our email services, you control the spam level filtering on a domain or individual account. Furthermore, we offer greylisting capabilities that will dramatically reduce the spam making it to your inbox. Finally, each subscriber can maintain content filtering to block repetitive or offensive emails.

Currently, our servers use Microsoft Windows 2008 platform with the ability to host Secured Information Servers (SSL) needed for ecommerce and other secure connections. In addition, we use Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 databases for websites needing to maintain historical information.
Site Promotion

Now, you have this wonderful website, but no one knows about it. CTD Software can provide you with our Site Promotion package. With Site Promotion, we will register your site with all the major search engines. With search engine registration, Internet users will see your website when searching for key words related to your business. We do not stop promoting your website after search engine registration, but we review your search engine "rankings" with detailed reports and continually modify your website obtaining the highest possible rankings. The results? You have increased traffic to both your website and your business!

In addition, we provide site traffic analysis with Google Analytics.

VoIP Phones

The "VoIP" stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. In other words, your phone system works over the internet rather than over traditional phone lines.

Hosted PBX phone system offers all kinds of benefits for small businesses: Eliminating the need for on-site phone equipment. Reducing costs dramatically. Providing Fortune 500 features.
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For local businesses in the Saint  Augustine Florida area, CTD Software offers computer and networking support. This includes new sales to support of existing environments.

Workstations / Servers
Custom solutions designed for your business. If you need a server or workstation for your business, please contact CTD Software.  We can offer you custom built computers or provide a pre-built computer for your needs.

From wired to wireless networks, CTD Software can install, secure and maintain your network.

Data Backup
We offer backup solutions to protect your data. This can range from local backups to automated online backups.

Service & Repair
Virus and spyware repair to general software and hardware repairs and upgrades (memory, drives, motherboards, operating systems).

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